David James NEIL states:

My full name is David James NEIL. I do not wish to disclose my personal residential address, but I can be contacted at via my mobile telephone ((0402 421 843))

This statement relates to the examination of a cassette tape that I performed on behalf of ISKCON, through their representative, David, in or about February 2000, although I believed it to be later that same year, I have only ever had one meeting with David, whose surname I do not know and that one meeting was the only meeting involving any persons from ISKCON.

I recall that David approached me and asked if it would be possible for me to examine a segment of audio from a cassette tape that was in his possession and provide some form of analysis/enhancement so as to enable the speech to be clarified. At the time I was operating my own business, trading as "The Refinery."

The initial discussion with David was over the telephone and some time later, David brought the audiocassette tape to the studio. During the course of our discussions at the studio, it was mentioned that there had been some discussion in one of the Pro-audio threads on the worid-wide-web, which I think was the Sonic Users Group.

Questions had been raised with regards to spectrographic analysis being the most accurate system of assessment available in todays market. There was also discussion as to the positive or negative artefacts generated by heavy digital filtering and its impact with regards to spectrographic analysis

Once the audiocassette tape was in my possession and over the next 30 minutes to one (1) hour, an examination of the tape was conducted. This consisted of a pass using a combination of Sonic Solutions Denoising, multi frequency filtering and some digital filters and frequency-based compression from a Penny and Giles PP10 digital processor.

My assessment of what appeared to be said on the audiocassette tape and I recall the particular section of the tape, which David was interested in, contained the words: "The swelling is going down" or words to that effect. The words: .. ."It's going down" were quite clear, however the balance of that sentence was not, due to the quality of the sound recording.

At the time this assessment was carried out, to the best of my knowledge, we were basically one of two commercial business's carrying out this type of work in Brisbane. The other business was the Police Departments audio forensic unit and I believe some of the University's also have forensic laboratories.

I believe that in the publication "Not that I am Poisoned" I have been quoted as saying that I had performed audio forensic work previously for the Australian Federal Police. This is a false statement, as I have never conducted any audio forensic work for them.

Over the many years that I had been in business (4 years), being self employed trading as "The Refinerey" and employment with the ABC, my ex partner and I had worked with some private investigators who were ex Federal Police, who never directly employed the Refinery.

I remember making a statement to David from ISKCON during the course of my assessment of the subject audio cassette tape that would have implied this to be the case. This however was in fact incorrect and I accept responsibility for the inaccuracy. I had been offered and I had accepted an offer to read the draft copy of "Not that I am Poisoned" prior to its publication. However, I did not receive and I was not given the opportunity to peruse the draft copy, otherwise this error would have been amended prior to publication.

It is something that I regret immensely, but due to my emotional and mental state at the time, caused as a result of the pressures of being faced with losing everything. This was due to a situation caused by an ex partner, after I had spent years of building what has been recognised in the music industry as an extremely qualified business, I was highly unstable. A fact that can be verified by others unfortunately.

Beyond what I have previously stated, my recollections of this particular job are extremely vague, due to the fact as already mentioned. I was in the middle of trying to save my business from going under and was under immense mental and emotional pressure.

I was asked by David whether I would be comfortable with being quoted in a book that was soon to be published, which I now know as "Not that I am Poisoned" and it was agreed that I would be willing to be quoted. This was on the provision that I was given to the opportunity to check the details of the article before it was published.

With regards to my credentials, I have no official training in forensic audio studies. I have worked on numerous audio enhancement type projects during the course of running my own business over the past years. I have been approached and asked on many occasions to appear as an "Expert Witness," if it were necessary. On all occasions I have declined, as I realize that while I have a fair amount of practical experience, I am in no way qualified to speak as a qualified expert witness, due to the lack of certified accreditation.

I apologise to all concerned with this issue and hope that the truth will some day be ascertained. I have read this statement that has been compiled from information I have freely provided and consisting of four pages. The contents are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signed: David James Neil